King uche

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About Me

My name is KING UCHE and I come to you with a dream. I have a dream of a world where the new generation of African youths worldwide can feel like they belong. A world where they can see their dreams manifest, free of the generational and societal bondage that most African youths face. I became a musician in order to connect to my brothers worldwide and present our talents to the world. With a mix between Nigeria and Miami, I will tell my story. I am your future African King Of Rap!

Q & A

  • What is your sound?: My Music stems from my emotions and varies depending on how I feel. I represent a lifestyle and express that lifestyle through music. It is a medium, a way for me to connect to my brothers worldwide. My music is mainly for my fellow ambitious youths; My Down South Floridians and my Africans all around, abroad or at home! 


  • Why should people listen to you?: I don't demand that anyone listen to me but if you are interested in my story and my struggle, then I hope you do listen to me. If you feel that you're another African alone in this world, then I hope my music shows you theres more in life and that you're not alone. I want to be better and do more. I want to be at a position where I can go back to Africa and truly impact the continent. I am just one man, but with your help I believe we can help change this world. I want to motivate people to be the best version of themselves that they can be!

Social Media

  • Artist name: King Uche
  • Twitter: @1KingUche
  • Instagram: @1KingUche
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  • Main Location: Lagos, Nigeria and Miami, Florida (USA)
  • Notable Releases: Singles "Nigerian Millions" & "When I Was broke" 
  • Label: Sufferings and Offerings Music