Most people call me Nely, but my movement is Nelyland. I come from a deep part of Africa, holding a dream much bigger than a single continent.

I'm sure there are a couple of people out there still trying to find the light. Therefore I want to help them realize that their light is already within them and they should just let it shine. That anything is possible if they believe and work for it. I want to make music that will inspire the world, one way or the other, to be better.

Q & A

Can you describe your sound?

  • My sound is a mixture of emotions & expressions that can be best described by the force of music itself. Just listen and you'd understand better.

Why should people listen to you?

  • I'm not making music just cause of the goodies that comes with it, but because people actually need it to live life.  The world  is a lil messed up and when things get tensed, we all need something to turn to - Music.  

  • Because people have been let down by other people too many times that they dont listen to people anymore - some would rather listen to music. - My passion for music runs real deep.  Follow my journey and hear my story. So help me God.