Sufferings & Offerings 

A Brand for All. Purveyors of A Flyer Lifestyle


What is Sufferings & Offerings?

Sufferings and Offerings aka SANDO is an independent Afro fashion house and record label born from a united global experience.

Our clothing and music encourages visions of hope, strength, and elevation for all. 

We are focused on recognizing and propelling young un-discovered talents worldwide through a combination of fashion and music. We are actively investing in our brand with an aim of developing sustainable careers and internationally acclaimed success for our partners and affiliates (including you!).

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How is Sufferings & Offerings different from other clothing stores?

SANDO was born from a vision. A vision of a better tomorrow. We were born from and molded by human suffering. Our design products are stories for the senses. 

Clothing meant to promote confidence and strength to all who wear it. SANDO is a brand for YOU! Go #ShopSANDO today!