What is Sufferings and Offerings music?

Sufferings and offerings music is an online community with a focus on recognizing and propelling young un-discovered talents worldwide. Our main genre is rap/hip-hop and world music but we welcome all sounds of music to join our family! We are actively investing in our brand with an aim of developing sustainable careers and internationally acclaimed success for our artists and affiliates.


How is S&O different from other labels/ companies?

Sufferings and offerings music was born from a vision. A vision of a better tomorrow. We were born from and molded by human suffering. Our products are stories for the senses. We have invested in technology and recruitment to deliver campaigns that builds fans and engagement along with streams to generate revenue from the outset. Success is all about growing your own direct fanbase, which you can then use to build a campaign to deliver content to. We have the knowledge, team, and tools necessary to accomplish the goals of the artist. There are four core areas we combine in a campaign to deliver fan growth and income; playlists, influencers, sync, and touring. We then utilize the traditional methods such as radio, tv, and press to add to our results at the right time.


The team

The sufferings and offerings core team includes of an: a&r, social media managers, playlisters, and influencers. Our team is focused on sync, marketing, sales, accounts and legal; expanding significantly since our launch in 2017.



Our team has the ability to reach out to people and brands globally with influence across all social media. If we can promote your track to people who like you with a reach of millions it can add significant results to a campaign with plays, posts, reach, stats and ultimately chart positions. 



Our campaign managers work closely with the artist to develop fan bases across targeted territories building up to a national, then international touring platform. By using our algorithms to calculate potential audiences we then achieve a realistic approach to selling out shows and if you are gaining millions of plays and sold out shows, the attention of both fans and media are increased.


How long is a typical S&O music deal?

Our deals vary per artist or company. Our focus is on advancing our brand and artists for this lifetime and beyond.


Do you advance your artists?

Sufferings and offerings currently does not advance its artists, instead we start at a zero balance and pay every 30 days building sustainable income streams from the outset.


Do you only work in specific genres?

Although our main focus is on pop and hip-hop, we sign artists purely based on talent and our music team has expertise across a range of genres. We look at music we think can add real value to any artist and the community, regardless of genre.


Do you only sign artists from certain countries?

We sign artists based on talent not location.


Can I submit my music to sufferings and offerings?

Fortunately, we do accept new submissions! Feel free to submit your music to our many playlists or send us an email if you would like your music considered or featured !