We, at Sufferings & Offerings Music, offer creative services & innovative marketing solutions for artists, talents, and companies looking to engage target audiences and showcase their brands. We are a first class and full service boutique agency focused on enriching the missions & visions of all of our partners; with a focus on music production, social media management, and overall business consultations.


Artist Bio  - $150

Single Write Up (Mini) - $50

Single Press Release Full - $150

Album Press Release Full- $300

The power of copywriting should never be looked down upon as it can influence the quality, style, type, and length of your content, and even your rank on the most sought after search engines, I.e Google. With our copywriting service we increase conversions surrounding your content, while also providing for unlimited revisions and 100% unique and original contents.


Playlists are on a monthly basis*

Spotify playlist - 150k reach - $700 | 250k reach - $900

Apple Music Official Playlist - $700 -1 month | $1300- 2 months

Tik-Tok & Thriller Videos - $500 - guarantees placement by one verified and popular thriller curator with >30K followers

Blog Article Write Up - placement on a verified media source such as complex, source magazine $1100


As an independent entity, We understand the vital importance of content marketing and promotion for any rising business. Our years of experience in this game has enabled us to provide quite a unique and engaging user experience and results that our partners praise us for.


Social Media Consultation - $200 

In this ever evolving world of Music and Entertainment, a strong social media presence can be pivotal in stamping or boosting an artists success and confidence. That’s why we treat our partners and their social media accounts like GOLD. By managing your social media, we help your content and brand by developing awareness, creating relationships, and increase traffic to your websites and various social media handles; i.e Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.


Google Ads optimization- $150

Wikipedia Creation- $1300 (Full Length Page)

Blog Article Write Up - placement on a verified media source such as complex, source magazine $1100

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are designed to help your business and product rankings. Our strategy and processes are designed to ensure that a website is meeting major search engine criteria. By meeting criteria that search engines pose, we avoid your website getting lost on the back pages, and thus more business, clientales, and conversions.


We offer full service artist management solutions for a variety of music business clients ranging from alternative, electronic, indie, hip-hop and world music/afrobeats.

We utilize knowledge of some of the most experienced and respected music professionals in the industry and take our pride in implementing innovative business solutions to develop the careers of our diverse and exceptionally talented client roster.

Our services are comprehensive and we tailor to all the needs of our clients including; artist development, day-to-day administration, digital strategy, radio promotion, marketing, direct-to-fan distribution, and public relations.

We work with all of our clients to ensure that they are getting the best results they seek & we would like to offer you a complementary consultation. Contact us Today!